Elite Youth Football and Cheer the Conejo Valley


It's no surprise that the NFL Player's Association estimates that between 60-70% of NFL players start playing in Pop Warner Youth Football.  The most notable youth football programs in the country have played in Pop Warner for decades. Being the only Pop Warner chapter in the Conejo Valley offers League, Regional and National Championships, so our teams have the chance to play the best teams in the area and in the country.



HeadsUp Coaching Certification for All Coaches

Pop Warner has partnered with the NFL's USA Football Heads Up Tackling Initiative in order to ensure a safe and successful season for all players. Every coach is required to take courses and receive a new certification each year. Additionally each chapter nominates a Player Safety Coach, who is responsible for enforcing the high standards of Pop Warner every day at practice.

Los Angeles Pop Warner Chapter Website:  www.southerncaliforniayouthfootball.com
Pop Warner Website:  www.popwarner.com
USA Football / Heads Up Tackling Website:  www.usafootball.com
Pop Warner Annual Superbowl Information:  www.popwarner.com/championships.htm